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    Congrats to Sofia Djama sélected with her Feature "Les Bienheureux" at Maison des Scénaristes at Cannes FilmFest 2014 and awarded at Venice FilmFest 2017 "Orizzonti" section ! Lyna Khoudri won the best actress award!

    Congrats to Eimi Imanishi selected for her feature "Doha" at Maison des Scénaristes at Cannes 2017. She's just obtain Production Support from Sundance Institute.

    Congrats to Sadaf Foroughi sélected with her Feature "AVA" at Maison des Scénaristes at Cannes 2014. She has finished shooting her film and begin post-production.

    Congrats to Lionel Abeillon-Kaplan selected with his Feature "Rien sans rien" at Maison des Scénaristes at Cannes FilmFest 2014. He dealed with In Jam Production! Casting is on!

    Congrats to Frédérick Laurent selected with his Feature "Walter" at Maison des Scénaristes at Cannes FilmFest 2016. He dealed with Agav, Les Films de l'heure Bleue and Saga Films. Shooting in 2017-2018!

    Congrats to Marion Foucher selected with her Feature "Los Hombres no lloran" at Maison des Scénaristes at Cannes FilmFest 2016. She dealed with Ferris & Brockmann Production for a French-Mexican Coproduction. Shooting in 2017!

    Congrats to Karla Lulic sélected with her short "In the name of the Strawberrries, the Chocolate and the Holly Spirit" at Maison des Scénaristes at Clermont 2016. She has finished shooting her film in Croatia and begin post-production.

  • Philosophy


    Our goal is to connect screenwriters globally in order to give them the opportunity to mutually support and help each other in face of a harsher market environment.

    We believe that the dynamic of cross-pollinating our creative powers will result in bringing more universal and interesting scripts into the market place.


    We invite screenwriters to join with us at international festivals to further promote their work, both to professionals and wider audiences.


    Our objective is to connect screenwriters with producers and facilitate appropriate b2b meetings during the festivals.


    If you'd like to be part of our initiative or know screenwriters working alone or in groups who might benefit from our collaborative approach, please share this invitation to submit any entries to our calls - let's work together to get our scripts out there!

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  • Authors-Producers Meetings

    at Maison des Scenaristes

    Cannes Film Fest, Clermont-Ferrand & Paris Courts Devant

    Photos ©MelleMary











    Cannes Film Fest - One to one pitch session












    Cannes Film Fest - One to one pitch session












    Cannes Film Fest - One to one pitch session











    Cannes Film Fest - One to one pitch session












    Cannes Film Fest - One to one pitch session












    Cannes Film Fest - One to one pitch session












    Cannes Film Fest - One to one pitch session












    Cannes Film Fest - One to one pitch session












    Cannes Film Fest- One to one pitch session












    Cannes Film Fest - Nuit blanche du scénario












    Cannes Film Fest - Nuit blanche du scénario












    Clermont-Ferrand - One to one pitch session












    Clermont-Ferrand - One to one pitch session












    Clermont-Ferrand - One to one pitch session












    Paris Courts Devant - One to one pitch session












    Paris Courts Devant - One to one pitch session












    Paris Courts Devant - One to one pitch session

  • Writers in Masterclasses at Maison des Scenaristes

    Enjoy !



    "They" (Cannes 2017)


    Writer - Illustrator

    Author and Screenwriter of Wonderstruck from Todd Haynes

    (Cannes 2017)



    11 feature films with Ken Loach, 2 Palme d'Or (Cannes 2016)



    "Elle" from Paul Verheoven (Cannes 2016)


    Writer - Director

    2013 Oscar for best foreign film. (Cannes 2016)


    Writer - Director"

    Yamakasi", "Scorpion,"Night Fare and more than 500 adverts.. (Clermont 2017)


    Writer - Director

    "Mercenaire" (Cannes 2016)


    Writer - Director

    "Exit", "Red Siren",... "Taken 2", "Taken 3"... (Clermont-Ferrand 2016)




    2015 Palme d'or with "Deephan"

    from Jacques Audiard (Cannes 2015)


    Writer - Screenwriter

    50 playwrights played in 20 languages (Cannes 2015)


    Writer - Director

    "Green Room" (Cannes 2015)



    "The Sea of Trees" from Gus Van Sant (Cannes 2015)


    Writer - Director

    "Je hais les acteurs", L'été en pente douce",... "Taxi 2" ,"Taxi 3", "Taxi 4",... (Clermont-Ferrand 2015)



    ".Mange tes morts" from Jean-Charles Hue - Prix jean Vigo 2014 (Cannes 2014)


    Writer - Director

    ".L'homme qu'on aimait trop" from André Téchiné (Cannes 2014)

  • Producers who trust us!

    24 Mai production

    1.85 Films

    25 Films

    Adage Production

    Adastra Films

    AE Films

    Agm Production

    ALI Prod

    Alliance Productions

    Aloha Production

    Ambre Films

    Amc2 Productions

    AMG Pictures

    Année Zéro Production

    Antevita Films

    Apaches Films

    Art et Essai production

    AS&M Productions

    Artless Collective

    Autumn Productions

    Avalon Films

    Bagan Films

    Bango Prodcutions

    Barry Company

    Beyond Productions

    Bien ou Bien Production


    BKM OnLine

    Blast Productions

    Blue Monday Films

    Blue Movies Productions

    BOB Filmhouse Inc


    Bogie Films

    Bord Cadre Films

    Brightlight Pictures

    Bullit Films

    Burgat Productions

    Cams Productions

    Carlito Films

    CG Cinéma

    Chasseurs Films

    Cinema De Facto


    Come and See

    Contrepoint Production

    Day For Night Productions

    De Film en Aiguille

    Demente Contenido SA


    Digital Documentaries

    Diva Girl Productions

    Dobro Films

    Dolce Vita films

    Dragway Films

    Due Monete

    Easy Tiger Films

    Eaux Vives Productions

    Ecce Films

    Eléphant Cinéma

    Elissa Films

    Ellabel Production

    Euro Films TV

    Far Center Films

    Far Films

    Far Media Investment

    Ferris et Brockman Production

    Film Nouveau

    Forge Prod

    Fosero Prod

    Gasp Films

    Gaumont Production

    Gengiskhan Production

    Gerorge Wood Movie

    Goonworks Films

    Haiku Films

    Haleysun Productions

    Haut et Court

    Haut Les Mains Prod.

    Hippocampe Productions Reseda Films

    House on Films

    Hybrid Films

    Ibarra Films

    Iconoclasts Films

    Image 30


    Insolence Productions

    Iris Films Entertainment

    Isola Mia Production


    JewelLabs Pictures

    K-Films Amerique

    KG Productions

    Koan Production

    Kwassa Films

    L'Heure Bleue Production

    La Boite à Songes

    La Cellule Prod

    La Petite Reine

    La Ruche Production

    La Terre Tourne Production

    Le Bout de Prod

    Légende Films

    Les Films D'Antoine

    Les Films de Force Majeure

    Les Films de l'après-midi

    Les Films de l'Etranger

    Les films de la Bosse

    Les Films de La Capitaine

    Les Films des 3 marches

    Les Films du Clair de Lune

    Les Films du Clan

    Les Films du Cygne

    Les Films du Réveillon

    Les Films du Tambour

    Les Films Family Business

    Les Jules

    Les Produits frais

    Les Toiles du Cosmos

    Les Valseurs Production

    Life to Live Films

    Louli Productions

    Mad Films-Mi

    Madeleine Films

    Magnetic Films

    Maintenant Films

    Mandra Films

    Media In Sync

    Mediterranea Films

    Melocoton Films

    Mia Productions

    Mica Films

    Micalzo Films

    Michael Productions Films

    Mirror Films

    Moli Films

    Mood Films

    Moon People Productions

    Motivo Films

    Narwhal Productions

    Nofatego Productions

    Novak Prod


    Odgy Films

    Outsider Films

    Palaviré Productions

    Palazzo Films

    Paprika Films

    Parmi Les lucioles Films

    Petit Films

    Pianosano Films

    Pixel Palette INC

    Play Prod Floreal Films

    Plus de prod

    Possibles Media Inc

    Prod du but

    Productions Paprika

    Promenades Films

    Purple Rose Films

    Pyramide Production

    Quartett Productions

    Qui vive Prod

    Rachmaninov Production

    Renaissance Films

    Respiro Productions Charlie Bus Production AW Studio

    Rien Ne Va plus

    RocckZeLine Production

    Romance Production

    Sanosi Productions

    Séquoia Films

    Sève Films

    Silex Films

    Silversalt Films

    Simone Films

    Six Pieds sur Terre Production

    Skopia Films

    Sombrero Films

    Stanoz Films

    Stewball Films

    Strutt Films

    SX Productions

    TaboTabo Films

    Takami Productions

    Take Five

    The Cup of Tea Production

    The Film

    The Steve Jaggi Company

    To Be or not To Be films

    Tokib Production

    Trois Brigands Production

    TS Productions

    U Svom Filmu


    Urban Films

    Virginie Films

    Wak Media

    Zelila Films

    Zorba Production

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